Painting in white


Hand and foot baby and wedding castings, Newmarket


      Painting in white offers a wide range of casts. These are done at Studio Scribbles in Newmarket, Suffolk. 

If unable to get to Newmarket I do occasionally do home castings were needed. The areas i reach are Exning, Cambridge, Bury st Edmunds, Brandon, Thetford, Mildenhall. Castings offered are mum and baby casts, baby hand and foot, wedding or anniversary casts.  I also offer other castings such as pregnancy casts, face and body cast and afterlife casts.


The Casting Process:

      To take a cast only takes 2 minutes, so the whole process is very quick which makes it ideal for casting babies and small children.
     There are two different ways of casting parts of the body, one is what i call a flat cast and the other a pot cast. One is flat on the table as can be seen in the slideshow. The organic casting material is placed on top of the hand and then strengthened using mud roc over the top, this then creates the mould which the final piece will be made from. This is a great way of casting two peoples hands that are not grasped together palm to palm. The other type is what i call a pot cast and it is what it sounds like, which is a cast of the whole hand or foot. This is achieved by submerging the whole hand or foot in the organic casting material for two minuets. The hand or foot is then removed and the cast then filled with plaster.

When casting with jewellery it is 100% safe and wont 

damage any jewellery and the cast itself is safe to. 

The rings are highlighted in chrome with a gold banned passing 

through the middle. 

Please check out my face book page to see my latest pieces of work. Just click on the face book link below and you will be taken directly to my page.

All casting takes place at Studio Scribbles in Newmarket 

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